What’s more classic than the Gin & Tonic? For many people, it’s their go-to drink if they want a reliable and refreshing beverage. When made with The Alpinist Swiss Premium Dry Gin, this old favorite comes alive. With a variety of botanicals borrowed from the alpine meadows we call home. A bit of lime finishes it off with a perfect pop of citrus. 


  • Jigger
    Add to Bag
  • Cocktail glass



First, chill your glass with ice or in the freezer. Cut two lime wedges one to squeeze in your cocktail glass and the other to garnish. Get rid to the excessed water in your cocktail glass and squeeze the lime wedge into it. Add the Gin and Tonic Water.

Tip: Lean your glass on one side and fill it up with tonic water. The idea is that the tonic water will come in and then rotates around the glass. So you won’t lose all the bubbles from the beginning.

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