Some consider it too adventurous for their tastes, but those in the know recognize that there are few cocktail experiences quite as fine as those that involve a bit of egg white. A Gin Fizz made with The Alpinist Swiss Premium Dry Gin is a perfect way to showcase the magic of the egg white, because it makes for a fizzy and frothy concoction in which the sweet lemon sings.




Make sure that all ingredients have been chilled beforehand, as the drink contains no ice. Keep the egg white separate from the other ingredients. Add the remaining ingredients except the soda water in the other part of your shaker. Put the mixture and the egg white together. Dry shake it for 10 seconds. Add one medium sized ice cube and shake it for another 10 seconds. Double strain the mixture into your cocktail glass. Fill the glass with soda water and garnish it with a lemon peel.

Tip: 1. After you put the mixture and egg white together, let it sit for 10 seconds. Like that you get the citrus acid to work on the egg. 2. When you add the ice, you will hear it crack. Wait for another 10 seconds and it will refuse itself. Like that you can avoid unwanted ice shards. We don’t want this drink to dilute too much.

Recipe for Simple Syrup

  • 125 g sugar
  • 125 ml hot water

Combine sugar and water in a medium bowl. Stir with a spatula to dissolve sugar completely. Transfer to glass bottle and reserve in refrigerator.

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